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Under seat USABidet sm underseatMade from solid chromed brass and medical grade stainless steel, these bidets are designed and manufactured in America to be a durable alternative to expensive electronic toilet seat bidets. The obvious advantages under seat type bidets have over the traditional European style bidet, is that you don’t have to move from toilet to bidet to clean. Also cheaper because they don’t take up floor space and do not require major plumbing alterations to install.

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A correctly integrated USABidet cleans very efficiently and does not require any learning to use – if you can sit on a toilet, you can use one of these! A cost-effective solution for people who have restricted ranges of body movement (such as is common with the elderly or obese); they are ideal for anybody who finds more conventional cleaning methods unsatisfactory, difficult or impossible. Because the water stream angle is able to be adjusted easily during use, these bidets offer an enema effect which is superior to many electronic bidet seats costing 3 times as much. This function becomes invaluable for individuals who suffer from constipation, hemorrhoids, irritable bowl syndrome or many other similar ongoing medical conditions; enabling effective irrigation of the last few centimeters of the colon. Moving your body slightly rearwards will also allow efficient hands-free cleansing of the vaginal area in women.

With no complicated electronic circuitry to malfunction, water stream strength is easily controlled with your right hand via normal tap (or with the latest models a durable 1/4 turn ceramic seat valve) – not some hard-to-see button. The typical control panels on electronic bidet seats are often both in the road & difficult to operate for an obese or handicapped person. Not so the controls for the USABidet – this bidet was designed by big-bum Americans, not some tiny-ass Korean or Japanese.

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A useful characteristic of USABidets is that the bidet wand stays with the seat when raised; leaving a bare pan. This unique feature makes cleaning of the pan itself very easy compared to all other types of under-seat bidets currently available. The bidet wand itself is self-retracting and hides out of site under the seat when not in use.

This Bidet is available with the option of a pressure limiting valve; for people who wish to use this bidet in conjunction with a hand held model, or (for safety reasons) where the water pressure is very high (in excess of 500kPa). Very little mechanical knowledge is required as these parts come already sealed and pre-assembled. Supplied with easy to follow, step-by-step installation instructions with clear explanatory photos, all our products come with the complete assurance of a full 12 month warranty on all materials and manufacture.

Please be aware that these bidet kits are intended to be installed by the home owner themselves and may not be compliant with local regulations in the particular area or country you live. Plumbers installing this product within Australia will normally be required to ensure water supply is protected by an RPZ valve (usually after the water meter). An exception to this rather costly requirement is when the water supply to the bidet or toilet is only from rain water tanks. To avoid misuse; we therefore recommend under-seat bidets be not installed where the likelihood for irresponsible use may exist. Please see our Bidet Choice page for more details.

At full blast this bidet provides an absolutely massive stream of water – and consequently; a very effective enema function. At gentler pressures it does effect reasonable peripheral cleaning; but similar to many Electronic Bidets – doesn’t do such a good job of cleaning around the anal area (the Toto Eco Washer is the best bidet seat we have tested in this respect).

For folks who want the convenience of both; we supply an adaptor that lets you use the USAbidet in conjunction with a hand held model. This is definitely the best  option for external cleaning effectiveness, and besides being handy for cleaning the toilet bowl, this additional option gets the ladies needs perfectly catered for as well. Please remember though; hand held bidets must have water supply pressure limited to under 350kPa. This normally means you will need to buy your USABidet Kit with the pressure limiting Tee Assembly option when using it in conjunction with a hand-held bidet.

For colder climates; the USABidet can also be used in conjunction with the Rezi Water Heater – found under Bidet Accessories. For these additional options, please see the configuration photos provided with the Complete Seat Kit details.

 Everything needed is supplied; installation usually takes less than 20 minutes (once the bidet has been attached to the seat). The only tools then usually required are two 10” shifting spanners and a pair of multi-grip pliers. Your existing pipe from the wall tap to the cistern tank is simply replaced with the complete Tee assembly shown.

For those who don’t understand the benefits of enema function as provided by the USABidet; this user review from PoopReport – if somewhat indelicate – pretty much explains it all:

“Another issue I discovered: the direct stream from the bidet can be used as a makeshift enema. This blew my mind. If you’ve ever experienced a stool so dry and hard it almost rips your o-ring coming out or even gets stuck halfway, you would give a hundred dollars for one good burst from this bidet. When I get on the throne in the morning, I give myself a good shot before I defecate, thus lubing the pipes. Then even the largest, driest, most difficult logjam slips easily out. After a normal movement, even when I think I’m clean, I relax the sphincter and give myself a squirt right up the middle and into the lower part of the colon. One would scarcely believe the stuff that’s left in one’s colon after defecation. Usually several more substantial chunks of fudge come out — chunks which would otherwise have been there festering until the next movement.”

Go here to read the full review: The Most Bidet For The Buck/PoopReport.com

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USABidet Kits

Because these bidets are also commonly used by individuals with handicapp issues; all Under-seat bidet kits and components are GST exempt.

Under seat USABidet

    • Under seat USABidet

      USABidet Kit


      This kit is suited for easy connection to most bottom inlet toilet cisterns with 1/2″ BSP plumbing, and where the water supply pressure does not exceed about 400kPa(58psi) Continuous backflow protection is provided by the non-return check valve incorporated …


    • Under seat USABidet

      USABidet Kit (Pressure Limiting)


      This kit is the same as the H-02 model, except it has the addition of a quality in-line pressure limiting valve; making it more suitable for applications where water supply pressure is in excess of 500kPa(72psi). These toilet accessories do require a …



USABidet Complete Seat Kits

For people who need this bidet already fitted to a suitable seat, we can supply the USABidet fitted to a limited range of suitable toilet seats.

Interstate customers please note: We use Australia Post as our freight provider mainly for reasons of convenience and reliability. Whilst freight costs for small items (like hand-held bidet kits) is pretty much on a par with other couriers, Australia Post charges for bulky items like these USABidet complete seat kits (irrespective of weight) is pretty steep – especially when interstate.
For customers living interstate we would recommend you consider buying the seat locally, and fitting the USABidet yourself to avoid the hefty freight charges imposed by Australia Post for these USABidet complete seat kits.

USABidet Complete Seat Kits

    • Under seat USABidet

      USABidet Complete Seat Kit ‘Honey Oak’

      Suited to pan hole centres:100mm – 195mm
      Hole centres to front of pan (inside):370mm – 420mm
      Approx. Seat Dimensions:L=430mm, W=370mm, H=32mm

      This kit is identical to the H-02a & H-02PLa kits except the bidet comes already fitted to the ‘Award’; a solid hardwood toilet seat as shown in honey oak finish with solid brass hinges. Unmatched for beauty, wood is still very popular as a toilet seat material; not only …

      from $392.04

    • Under seat USABidet

      USABidet Complete Seat Kit ‘Next Step’


      Identical to the H-02a & H-02PLa kits – except the bidet has been already fitted to the Bemis ‘Next Step’; a composite ‘Family’ toilet seat in brilliant white with chromed brass hinges. Ideal for larger adults as well as kiddies learning to use the bidet, this sturdy seat has a second smaller seat – – –

      from $392.04

    • Under seat USABidet

      USABidet Complete Seat Kit ‘Pro500’


      This kit is identical to the H-02a & H-02PLa kits except the bidet comes already fitted to the Bemis ‘Pro 500’. Made in the USA from 100% ‘Rediscovered Wood’, this solid wood seat – – –

      from $397.97


Individual Component Parts

Here you can access some of the individual parts that are specific to Under-seat Bidets only. If you need to purchase individual parts that are generic to all bidet kits; please go to the Hand-held Bidet page and look under: “Individual Components & Replacement Parts”.

Individual Parts U-S

    • Under seat USABidet

      1/2” BSP f. X 3/8″NPT m. red. hex nipple


      The reducing hex nipple as supplied in our complete kits to enable connection of the USABidet flexible hose to our Australian standard plumbing (1/2″BSP). Made available here seperately for customers who prefer to —


    • Under seat USABidet

      Blade Type Handle


      Optional blade style handle for use with USA bidets (replaces the standard knob). Similar to the configuration you may have seen in your medical centre or dentist facilities; this is ideal for people with – – –


    • Under seat USABidet

      Combination Adapter


      Its no secret that men often prefer touch-free washing, with women frequently choosing the Handheld models. This adaptor allows the use of both by fitting on the outlet of the 1/4 turn control tap …


    • Under seat USABidet

      Elegance Handle


      Optional ‘Elegance’ handle for use with USA bidets (replaces the standard knob). Makes accurate operation of the valve (for adjusting water pressure) very easy, and also provides a visual index so – – –


    • Under seat USABidet

      Hex Joining Nipple


      1/2″ BSPT Hex nipple (chrome) suitable for joining hoses or flexible supply lines with 1/2″ BSP ends. Please note that we do also supply alternative length flexible – – –


    • Under seat USABidet



      USABIDET brand bidets. PLEASE NOTE: these acessories alone do not include fittings necessary for connection to Australian standard plumbing, nor do they include any automatic backflow protection devices. Unless you already have all the other fittings needed …


    • Under seat USABidet

      USABidet Tee Assembly

      1/2″ BSP (Tee: 15mm male compression).:Solid chromed brass, tap handle: ABS plastic.
      Thread Size:1/2″ BSP (Tee: 15mm male compression).
      Backflow Prevention:Single check valve in tap outlet.
      Filter:4370150B filter washer set fitted to base of tap.
      Australian Certification:Tap complies with AS/NZS3718, Tee complies with AS3688.
      Tap attachment:Sealed with PTFE Gas thread tape. Must be turned (clockwise only) to correct position during installation. Can be removed easily for cleaning of the filter if required.
      Cistern Attachment:Secure and positive watertight attachment, with tapered ‘Kinko’ rubber washer sealing between depression on chromed attachment pipe and cistern valve inlet.

      The standard Tee assembly included in the H-02a USABidet Kit. Includes the 15mm male Tee, filter washer set, 1/4 turn isolating tap (with built-in check valve),1/2″ to 3/8″ M/F reducing nipple and the chromed copper attachment pipe with nuts …


    • Under seat USABidet

      USABidet Tee Assembly (pressure limiting)

      Material:Solid brass & chromed brass, tap handle: ABS plastic.
      Thread Size:1/2″ BSP (Tee & Union: 15mm male C).
      Backflow Prevention:Single check valve in tap outlet.
      Filter:4370150B filter washer set fitted to base of PSL50.
      Australian Certification:Tap complies with AS/NZS3718, Tee and Union with AS3688, PSL50 with AS1357.2.
      Tap Attachment:Sealed with PTFE Gas thread tape. Must be turned (clockwise only) to correct position during installation.
      Cistern Attachment:Secure and positive watertight attachment, with tapered ‘Kinko’ rubber washer sealing between depression on chromed attachment pipe and cistern valve inlet.

      The pressure limiting Tee assembly included in the H-02PL USABidet Kit. Recommended where water pressure is over 500kPa, and essential where a hand-held bidet is to be included in the installation and the incoming water pressure is over …