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Congratulations – you’ve been converted to washing and have an integrated bidet installed in your own home toilet.

And after a very short time, you will be taking this daily convenience for granted . . .

That is – until you have to make the inevitable trip away from home that requires one (or more) overnight stays in a motel.

Frustration & annoyance – no washing facility for #2s!

So you steel yourself and suffer with just dry toilet paper for the next couple of days.

Getting back home; you are looking forward to that familiar stream of gentle cleansing water from your bidet:

Shock & disbelief – actually you almost hit the ceiling!

Instead of a gentle soothing stream – it feels like you just hit your butt with hydrochloric acid! The couple of days spent cleaning with dry paper have left your nether region rubbed raw, and water hitting this area is now extremely painful.

You’ve just been educated about the one “down-side” of using bidets: the delicate tissue around your anal area definitely does become ‘softer’ – after prolonged pampering with a bidet!

The Solution : a Travel Bidet

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1. To heal the damage inflicted by the indignity of dry toilet paper, get yourself some Greenridge calendula ointment from your local health store.
(Absolutely amazing how quick this stuff works)


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2. Buy a Hygienna Solo so you’ll never be caught out again.

We have tried various ‘travel bidets’, and while certainly better than nothing – all came up well short of what we had at home. They just couldn’t deliver sufficient volume of water to get the job done:


Whereas a good wash from our home bidet (for a #2) will use about 1 litre of water, the various (battery operated) travel bidets available – could only deliver around 125ml.


Cheap, portable, discreet and effective. Not as convenient perhaps as your home bidet, but very effective nevertheless.

I’ve personally found it most effective to use these travel bidets from behind – the same as the water stream from a toilet seat bidet. That way the stream of water is directed at an optimal angle for anal cleaning. Women may however prefer using them from the front. Either way; BOTH hands are normally required to squeeze the bottle – the stream of water alone doing the cleaning. They are not intended to be used like a hand-held bidet  (one hand directing the water and the other doing the washing).

Now these things will not fit just ANY plastic bottle: the neck inside diameter of the bottle must measure from 21.5mm to  21.8mm.

Travel Bidet Suitable Plastic Water Bottles 240x300

Here’s a small selection of readily available plasic water bottles that are suited for use with the Hygienna Solo.

My personal favourite is the 1.25 litre ‘Pump’ bottle – PLENTY OF WATER!

But the great thing here is that you can choose the size bottle you want – when you want. You can also vary the pressure; the harder you squeeze the bottle – the stronger the stream of water.

Obviously to save money and benefit the environment, you would refill the bottle. (Note that some of the larger bottles can be difficult to refill under a standard restroom tap)

Now you can go to the toilet at work, on holidays or wherever you are; confident in the knowledge you can WASH after toileting – almost as well as you do at home!

Oh – did I forget to mention? you can also fill your bottle with WARM water –  much nicer during winter!

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Hygienna Solo

Travel Bidet

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      Hygienna Solo


      This is the answer when you have to travel away from home for extended periods. Take bidet comfort with you – wherever you go!