Non electric Bidet Toilet Seat

Non electric Bidet Toilet Seat sm other products1This Non Electric bidet toilet seat is able to be easily installed by most home owners themselves. Additionally, because the outlet of its in-built vacuum breaker exceeds regulation measurement above the rim of the toilet pan; you can confidently install this product – secure in the knowledge that there will be no legal requirement to protect water supply with expensive, reduced pressure zone valves (together with the ongoing maintenance costs).

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Please be aware that except for approved Electronic Bidet Seats; almost all other bidets with an outlet in any position less than 25mm above the rim of the toilet pan will not comply with current back-flow protection regulations of Australia & New Zealand. While obviously better than nothing; simply including a mini dual check valve does not make  the installation compliant with current regulations. Please see our Backflow Prevention page for more detailed information.

This bidet seat departs from more conventional spray outlet designs found on most electronic bidets in that it has just one rather large hole to deliver the water stream. A small hole underneath adds air bubbles to the water stream in varying amounts depending on flow.  Initial opening of the operating valve extends the nozzle and starts the washing process.  Opening the valve further results in a stronger flow with increased aeration, at the same time delivering more direct intensity of the water stream. This cleans the peripheral area very efficiently indeed, while at the same time administering moderately effective internal cleansing as well.

Equally useful for feminine cleaning with women (just move your body back slightly). A reassuring hygiene feature with this bidet seat is that it does wash the nozzle well; both before and after every use.

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With no control panels at the side to get in the way of larger behinds; the operating  valve on this bidet has a positive on-off position, and once opened can easily be operated with just two fingers of your right hand. Additional to the standard Non electric Bidet Toilet Seat Kit supplied by Toto; LuSan Bidets include a 1/4 turn isolating tap with non-return check valve and a 450mm flexible supply line for easy connection to the wall tap. The isolating tap is handy for easily shutting off the bidet without closing water supply to the toilet cistern – for instance when curious children are around.  This tap does also provide additional back flow protection because of its in-built filter and non-return check valve.

Toto’s slogan of “Perfection by Design” may well apply for the Japanese bottoms which prompted the original design, but it is not so true for many larger framed Westerners. LuSan Bidets make some relatively simple changes to this bidet seat before sale, making  it more suited to Australian use. We  alter the angle of the spray nozzle so it hits the target correctly for most average  Aussies (about 25mm  further forward). Without this slight difference in delivery angle, most larger people would need to sit right back against the lid of this bidet in order for the spray to correctly hit the right spot.

The previous model TCW01 Toto Eco Washer, always did provide first-class external anal cleansing, and now – with the new TCW07 model – also moderately effective internal cleaning (enema function). But if you primarily need the best enema function  (for constipation or other issues) you may wish to consider the Aisin Non electric Bidet Seat, or the USABidet Under-seat model.  If you prefer warm water (which is better for constipation issues) and a warm seat: the Aisin Electronic Bidet will become a pretty obvious alternative choice.


Differences in washing between the Toto & Aisin models:

The Toto provides a high volume, aerated stream of water that provides very good (external) anal cleansing.
With adequate water pressure this bidet seat can also provide modest internal cleaning or enema effect (but not as good as the Aisin models). If used for vaginal cleaning it will also require that the user move their body back further on the seat. A good feature among hydraulically operated nozzles; this model does clean its own spray nozzle well, both before and after use.

The Aisin models provide a lower volume stream of water (not aerated) but that is more concentrated. Providing that incoming water pressure is at least 350kPa; this is able to administer a very effective enema function – cleaning inside the first 50mm or so of the anal passage. This enema function ability  can be a great advantage to persons who suffer from constipation – or even the opposite condition: softer consistency poos that make it very difficult to get that sphincter absolutely sparkling clean!

Not opening the operating valve  fully on the Aisin models will also give a more gentle stream that does clean the peripheral area reasonably well (but not quite as good as the Toto). One pretty obvious additional benefit with the Aisin models: the angle of the water stream can be easily changed during use – by simply sliding the operating handle forward or back. This gives the added bonus of vaginal cleaning for women (without needing to change your body position on the seat). Please see the Electronic Bidet page for more details on these Aisin models.

Everything needed is supplied in the kits and installation usually takes less than 20 minutes. The only tools normally required are a Phillips-head screwdriver, a 10” shifting spanner and a pair of multi-grip pliers. Your existing pipe from the wall tap to the cistern tank is simply replaced with the complete assembly shown. Very little mechanical knowledge is required as these parts come already sealed and pre-assembled. Supplied with easy to follow, step-by-step installation instructions with clear explanatory photos, these products come with the complete assurance of a full 12 month warranty on all materials and manufacture.

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Non electric Bidet Seat Kits

Non electric Bidet Seat

    • Non electric Bidet Toilet Seat

      Aisin Non-Electric Bidet Seat Kit

      Note:This product is GST Exempt
      Available Colours:White only
      Suited to toilet pans:Pan width: 340-355mm. Mounting Hole centres: 136 – 161mm, hole centres to front of pan: 420 – 500mm. Minimum clear space required directly behind mounting hole centres: 75mm
      Approx. Seat Dimensions:L=380mm, W=360mm, H=50mm
      Permissable water pressure:300 – 650kPa (45 – 94psi)
      Maximum spraying volume:1.5 L/min @ 350kPa (50psi) 2.6L/min @ 600kPa (87psi)
      Backflow protection:single check valve

      For folks who want a similar bidet seat with the same washing effectiveness as the Electronic model, but do not need warm water or a warm seat; we now also stock a non-electric version of this bidet seat.

      from $405.90

    • Non electric Bidet Toilet Seat

      Toto ‘Eco Washer’ TCW01 Bidet Seat Kit

      Note:This model has now been replaced by the TCW07.
      Available Colours:White only
      Suited to toilet pans:Pan width: 350-360mm, mounting hole centres: 140-170mm, From hole centres to front of pan: 420-480mm. Clear space required directly behind mounting hole centres: 55mm.
      O.A. Dimensions:L=500mm, W=390mm, H=105mm

      The Toto Eco Washer model TCW01 (used & loved by thousands) has now been superseded by the model TCW07. We do still stock some replacement parts for this older bidet seat, and if you are quick …


    • Non electric Bidet Toilet Seat

      Toto ‘Eco Washer’ TCW07 Bidet Seat Kit

      Note:This product is GST Exempt
      Available Colours:White only
      O.A. Dimensions:L=505mm, W=385mm, H=85mm

      If ‘ Toto’ is the most prestigious Electronic Bidet Seat on the market today, then this toilet bidet seat definitely occupies that same spot for Non-electric models! A non-electric alternative to complicated electronic toilet seat bidets; yet still fully compliant with Australian regulations due to its in-built vacuum breaker device. Compact to blend well in …



Toto TCW01 Replacement Parts

We still supply some replacement parts for the TCW01 bidet seats.

Replacement Parts N-E

    • Non electric Bidet Toilet Seat

      Eco Washer Replacement Tap Seal Kit


      Replacement spindle seal and compression seal for the operating tap on Toto Eco Washer Bidet Seats.


    • Non electric Bidet Toilet Seat

      Longer Toto Hookup Line


      In some rare instances the standard 500mm hookup line that connects your Toto Bidet Seat to the Tee Assembly may be too short. Usually only occurs when the cistern valve is – – –


    • Non electric Bidet Toilet Seat

      Toto Eco Washer internal silicon hose set

      Hose size:10mm OD x 5mm ID
      Lengths:255mm, 32mm

      Occasionally – with the constant flexing and after prolonged use, these hoses can fail – especially if your incoming water pressure is very high.


    • Non electric Bidet Toilet Seat

      Toto seat footer rubbers

      Model:S91006 *Price Excl. GST

      Because these parts tend to collapse over time with the weight of our heavier Aussie users, we now supply this part separately (in pairs) for replacement as needed. It is suggested to fill the hollow sections under the Toto seat that these rubbers push into, with – – –