Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat sm electronic1A common complaint with a lot of modern technology is that it is often too complicated for the average person to be able to use easily – let alone understand how it works. This also true of most Electronic Bidet Toilet Seats; where you must carefully study the instruction manual before use – or risk some rather surprising or unexpected behaviour from an otherwise docile looking appliance. The flip-side to this coin is that when something does go wrong (as it eventually will), you can’t simply call an electrician or a plumber to get it fixed. A fully featured Electronic Bidet toilet seat, is by necessity a complex and sophisticated electrical appliance; a fact typically also reflected in the price.

Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat New Cheers

We have discovered that many people are put off from buying an electronic bidet toilet seat for these exact same 2 reasons: cost & complexity. This simple yet elegant electronic bidet seat, does – we believe – strike the perfect balance between: performance and features, versus: cost and complexity. Displaying those reassuring words “Made in Japan”, this bidet seat certainly lives up to expectations of Japanese quality and ingenuity. The parent company Aisin-Seiki, although more synonymous with precision equipment like carburetors and automatic transmissions in motor vehicles, is certainly not backward in their approach to modern electronic bidet seat design.

Providing just warm water washing and a heated seat, we have found that these 2 features are actually the most requested by 90% of average users. The washing wand is extended by water pressure, and the washing angle can be changed by sliding the operating lever forward or back as required. These simple, hydrualic and manually operated functions mean considerably less complexity, as well being far less likely to cause any trouble down the track.

Although the bidet nozzle is washed reasonably well on its return, contamination is also minimized by using a steeper than usual delivery angle of 62 degrees. The nozzle tip of the bidet wand is detachable, and the whole bidet seat can be quickly removed for easy cleaning by pushing one button and simply sliding the whole seat forward. The lid can also be individually removed for cleaning (although I am not sure why that would ever be necessary) and both the seat and lid sport a soft close feature (great for kids). Overall size of this bidet seat is very compact compared with most other electronic models seen today. Also good for the average Aussie: there are no control panels at the side of this seat to get in the way of larger behinds.

Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat Electronic bidet sb

We now also supply a non-electric version of this Bidet Seat; for folks who don’t need warm water or the warm seat, but still want the other unique features provided by this high quality Japanese appliance. External dimensions are similar, and the non-electric version – apart from the seat being slightly shorter – looks exactly the same, just without the temperature control panel and electric supply cord. Plumbers installing this product should note that the Aisin Non electric version does not include a vacuum breaker device – as found on this Electronic model and the Toto Eco Washer. Where full compliance with backflow regulations is required; we suggest choosing these alternate models.

The operating lever is positioned within easy reach of your right hand. The 1/4 turn, ceramic-seat valve is operated by turning the lever down slightly to start washing, then turning progressively further to increase washing pressure. A spring assists in returning to the off position. We found that the initial washing position was just about perfect for anal washing, but sliding the control lever further forward will be required for frontal washing (bidet or feminine function).

The electronic control panel is also found on the right side of the seat and has just 2 buttons; one to control water temperature: high/low/off, and another for seat temperature: high/low/off. The current selection is indicated by small orange LEDs. Although it is possible to adjust these while sitting on the seat, they will normally be set as required and then simply left at this setting. In the non-electric version, this panel is simply blanked off.

Despite being obviously made to suit the slightly elongated toilet pans common in Japan; we found that this bidet seat does fit Aussie toilets surprisingly well, with the front bumper rubbers making almost full-width contact with the top of the pan. The seat bracket will however usually need to be positioned in the rearward-most position for most Australian toilet pans.

The most surprising feature of this bidet seat is that in can deliver a very effective enema function, while at the same time being able to achieve quite good posterior and feminine (bidet) washing – all from the same nozzle. Clever little devils those Japanese! This all-around usefulness is due to the unique approach taken by Aisin of having 4 delivery jets in the nozzle. Two relatively large holes, centrally located forward and rear; deliver parallel streams of water exactly 5mm apart. With washing intensity able to be varied accurately by the operating lever; at full flow these twin jets combine to provide an exceptional enema function, while at the same time making body position slightly less critical than is normally required for most other bidets with a single jet. Two smaller diameter jets (3mm apart ) on either side of the central main jets, complement the two main jets by cleaning at the sides, and also help to introduce some air (between all four jets) so that what enters your rectum is a mass of aerated water that is at the same time both concentrated and penetrating (similar to Izen’s patented ‘vortex spinning water stream’ nozzle). When a reduced flow rate is selected, all four jets function individually to deliver a soft spray that is quite effective for standard posterior or feminine cleaning.

Back-flow prevention is well taken care of by a foolproof vacuum breaker device. Regardless that this device is out of sight under the rear cover, measurements are nevertheless well within Australian Standards (outlet distance above the rim of the toilet pan). The NC-200W-AS non electric version of this bidet seat does not have this vacuum breaker device; backflow prevention in this model being taken care of by the non-return valve in the isolating tap outlet only.

One notable advantage these bidet seats do have over most other electronic bidets out there: if the power goes off they will wash just the same – only without warm water (or the warm seat). In fact we do keep ours switched off for most of the year – only using the warm water/warm seat functions during the winter months.

Everything needed is supplied in the kit and installation usually takes less than 20 minutes. The only tools normally required are a Phillips-head screwdriver, a 10” shifting spanner and a pair of multi-grip pliers. Your existing pipe from the wall tap to the cistern tank is simply replaced with the complete assembly shown.

Aisin Brochure

Very little mechanical knowledge is required as these parts come already sealedElectronic Bidet Toilet Seat pdf and pre-assembled. Supplied with easy to follow, step-by-step installation instructions with clear explanatory photos; this product comes with the complete assurance of a full 12 month warranty on all materials and manufacture.
Although you can access the official Aisin Brochure left (PDF); overall dimensions listed in this brochure are a bit misleading. This bidet seat will normally fit standard Australian toilet pans (W340-360mm x L420-460mm) just fine. Please see the individual product page for more accurate details.

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Aisin ‘New Cheers’ Bidet Seat Kit

Electronic Bidet Seat

    • Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

      Aisin Electronic Bidet Seat Kit

      Note:This product is GST Exempt
      Available Colours:White only
      Suited to toilet pans:Pan width: 340-355mm. Mounting Hole centres: 136 – 161mm, hole centres to front of pan: 420 – 500mm. Clear space required directly behind mounting hole centres: 75mm.
      Approx. Seat Dimensions:L=415mm, W=360mm, H=50mm
      Permissable water pressure:300 – 500kPa (45 – 72psi)
      Voltage:220V – 240Vac (280W/50Hz)
      Heated tank capacity:0.9 Litre
      Maximum spraying volume:1.5 L/min @ 350kPa (50psi)
      Water temperature control:OFF: ambient, LOW: 37.5`C, HIGH: 39.5`C
      Time to heat water from cold: Approx. 12mins
      Safety devices – warm water:Thermal fuse and temperature sensor switch
      Seat temperature control:OFF: room temp., LOW: 36.5`C, HIGH: 39.5`C
      Safety devices – warm seat:Primary: Thermostat, Secondary: Thermal fuse
      Power saving function:Automatic reset after 8 hours
      Power plug:Australian 3 pin (angled)
      Length of power cord:900mm
      Backflow protection:single check valve & vacuum breaker

      Although handicapped persons may require extra features like a remote control and warm air drying, we believe this bidet seat is one of the best choices on the market today for average users. For simplicity, durability, quality and price …

      from $530.00


Individual & Optional Parts

Individual Parts E

    • Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

      Longer Stainless Steel Mounting screws


      We often get inquiries  from customers about using the Aisin Electronic Bidet seat with a toilet spacer and wap around rails. These 6mm screws are 85mm longer than the 48mm screws which come standard with the Aisin Bidet Seat


    • Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

      Tee Assembly

      Material:Solid chromed brass, tap handle: ABS plastic.
      Thread Size:1/2″ BSP (Tee: 15mm male compression).
      Backflow Prevention:Single check valve in tap outlet.
      Filter:4370150B filter washer set fitted to base of tap.
      Australian Certification:Tap complies with AS/NZS3718, Tee complies with AS3688.
      Tap attachment:Sealed with PTFE Gas thread tape. Must be turned (clockwise only) to correct position during installation. Can be removed easily for cleaning of the filter if required.
      Cistern Attachment:Secure and positive watertight attachment, with tapered ‘Kinko’ rubber washer sealing between depression on chromed attachment pipe and cistern valve inlet.

      The standard Tee assembly as supplied with our Standard Hand-Held Bidet Kits (only suited for installations where presssure is under 350kpa), and also standard with our Electronic Bidet Kits where pressure is under 500kPa. Includes 15mm male Tee, filter washer set, 1/4 turn control tap (with built-in …


    • Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

      Tee Assembly, Pressure Limiting

      Material:Solid brass & chromed brass, tap handle: ABS plastic.
      Thread Size:1/2″ BSP (Tee & Union: 15mm male C).
      Backflow Prevention:Single check valve in tap outlet.
      Filter:4370150B filter washer set fitted to base of PSL50.
      Australian Certification:Tap complies with AS/NZS3718, Tee and Union with AS3688, PSL50 with AS1357.2.
      Tap Attachment:Sealed with PTFE Gas thread tape. Must be turned (clockwise only) to correct position during installation.
      Cistern Attachment:Secure and positive watertight attachment, with tapered ‘Kinko’ rubber washer sealing between depression on chromed attachment pipe and cistern valve inlet.

      The pressure limiting Tee assembly as supplied with our “Pressure Limiting” Hand-Held Bidet Kits (essential for all Hand-held Bidet installations where water supply pressure is over 350kPa). Provided also as an option with Electronic or Under-seat Bidet Kits; where incoming water pressure is over 500kPa, or where a hand-held bidet is to be included in the installation. Includes …