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Bidet Accessories sm soapdispensersOn this page you’ll find useful accessories that, although universally applicable, are particularly well suited to bidet applications. All are backed by our same full 12 month/2 year warranty against any defects in materials or or workmanship.

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Notably more effective in colder climates; warm water is not only more pleasant, but also better at removing dirt and germs. The 3 important variables that make effective cleaning with water possible are:

Heat + Detergent (soap) + Agitation.

Eliminate any one of these 3 factors and you will not only decrease efficiency, but also have to rely much more on the 2 remaining factors to achieve satisfactory cleaning.
Because human excreta from a healthy person is normally quite water soluble, use of soap is not a strict essential for anal cleansing. That said, hygiene confidence can certainly be boosted by the germ-killing properties of some liquid soap products, moisturizers also providing higher levels of comfort for annoying conditions such as haemorrhoids. Persons with impaired digestive function where fats and oils are not broken down fully by normal body processes (such as when the gall bladder has been removed) may find washing with soap to be a considerable improvement over just water alone.

Needless to say; what may be optional for anal cleansing, becomes absolutely essential for hand washing. A study published in the Cochrane Library journal in 2007, found hand-washing with just soap and water to be a simple and effective way to curb the spread of respiratory viruses, from everyday cold viruses to deadly pandemic strains; Ref: Reuters. Used for this purpose; liquid soap dispensers are not only more convenient and less messy than solid soap, but also eliminate the risk of bacteria being retained on the soap from a previous user.

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Soap & Lotion Dispensers

Our Soap and Lotion dispensers reduce clutter in the bathroom and are very easy to install and remove (with no wall damage) when required. In addition to their more familiar use of dispensing soap/shower gel, or shampoo and conditioner, these products are equally suited to dispensing liquid soap or lotion in bidet applications. Effective treatment becomes easy following post-anal surgery, and for ongoing medical conditions such as anal fissures (painful cracks around the anal area) and haemorrhoids.

Bidet Accessories

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      Hang Soap Dispenser-Double


      The perfect companion to your shower or bidet; this handy bathroom accessory can dispense 2 different products with the convenient push of either button. Supplied with 3M adhesive strips which stick reliably to most smooth surfaces and removes …


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      Hang Soap Dispenser-Single


      The perfect companion to your shower or bidet; this handy bathroom accessory can dispense your choice of soap or lotion with the convenient push of a button. Supplied with 3M adhesive strips which …



Rezi Water Heaters

These small Instantaneous electric water heaters are ideal to use in conjunction with Hand-held Bidets, or the USABidet Under-seat Bidet. While warm water is not an essential for washing; it is certainly much nicer in colder climates during the winter months. It can also aid in relaxing anal muscles for people with constipation problems. Manufactured in Europe, these Rezi heaters have been sold in Australia for use in caravans and similar applications for about 9 years now, and have an enviable record in reliability. Available in different power ratings, the 3.3 kW is the smallest Rezi model, and will normally work just fine plugged into any standard power outlet. This product does include a 2 year manufacturers warranty from date of purchase. Please note that warranty will be voided if the heater is switched on without initially first venting all the air from the unit.


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Power requirements:
240V AC, 3.3Kw (draws approx. 13.75 amps).

Water flow:
Needs at least 1.6litres/min to switch electricity on.

Minimum required water pressure:
Approx. 275kPa (40psi).

Restriction of flow:
This heater will restrict water flow by approximately 14% at incoming water pressure of 350kPa. Whereas full flow from a hand-held bidet with an incoming water pressure  of 350kPa  would typically be about 3.1 litres/min. (depending on the model); full flow through this heater when using the same hand held bidet, will be around 2.7 litres/min. Please be aware that restriction of flow is not the same thing as restriction of pressure; your hand held bidet will normally still need the pressure limiting option when used in conjunction with this heater.

Temperature Rise:
17 degreesC rise at 2.6litres/minute, static incoming water pressure: 350kPa, voltage measured (during use): 230V.

Heating Examples:
1. Incoming water temp: 20 degreesC @ 3.0 litres/min. = output water temp: 34 degreesC.
2. Incoming water temp: 20 degreesC @ 2.6 litres/min. = output water temp: 37 degreesC. (Restricting the flow will achieve higher temperatures)

Please note that this heater does not control water temperature thermostatically. When incoming water temperature exceeds 20 degrees C (such as outside of winter months within Australia), the output water temperature from this heater will usually be too warm. During these months the heater is simply switched off – water will flow through the heater just the same, only now without being heated.

Thermostatic instantaneous heaters are available from USA which do allow control of water temperature all year round (but obviously not for this same price).

Installation requirements:
Can be mounted in any position; supplied with a wall mount that uses 3M adhesive strips and fastens securely to any smooth wall surface.

Power cord:
1.2 metres long with Australian 3 pin, 10amp plug fitted.

Please see the Installation PDF for more information on installation and use generally.

Water Heater

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      Rezi Water Heater Kit

      Size (with wall mount):H:180mm x W: 85mm x D: 115mm
      Housing Material:ABS Plastic
      Colour:White only

      Instantaneous Electric water heater that can be plugged straight into any standard 240V power outlet on a 20amp circuit breaker. Will give a 16C deg. temp rise with a flow of 3.0litres/min. @ 240Volts AC. Comes with 1.2metre lead fitted with standard Australian 3 pin plug, 600mm flexible supply line – – –



Water Heater Parts

Some individual parts from our Rezi Water Heater Complete Kits can be accessed here

Water Heater Parts

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      1/2″BSP x 18mm Reducing Hex Nipple


      These adaptors are supplied here seperately for people who wish to configure – – –


    • Bidet Accessories

      Combination Adapter


      Its no secret that men often prefer touch-free washing, with women frequently choosing the Handheld models. This adaptor allows the use of both by fitting on the outlet of the 1/4 turn control tap …