Rezi Water Heater Kit

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Rezi Water Heater Kit

Size (with wall mount):
H:180mm x W: 85mm x D: 115mm
Housing Material:
ABS Plastic
White only

Instantaneous Electric water heater that can be plugged straight into any standard 240V power outlet – that runs through a standard 20amp circuit breaker in your fusebox. (Some older houses might have fuses here instead of circuit breakers). Will give a 16C deg. temp rise with a flow of 3.0litres/min. @ 240Volts AC.
Comes with 1.2metre lead fitted with standard Australian 3 pin plug, 600mm flexible supply line, 1/2″ BSP adaptors, assembly tool and a wall mount that uses convenient 3M adhesive strips, and detailed (printed) installation instructions with photos.

Makes Hand-held Bidets so – oh – much nicer on cold winter mornings!

Also suited for use with the USABidet Under-seat Bidet (see configuration photos left). Minimum water pressure required for these bidets when used in conjunction with the Rezi Heater is 275kPa/40psi. Incoming water temperature also needs to be under about 20 degrees C  or outgoing water temperature may actually become too warm. The heater is simply switched off when warm water is not required (e.g; during the summer months).

Truly one of the most efficient ways to heat water using electricity – ALL the electricity used goes into the water as heat, AND ONLY when the heater is actually being used.


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