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Don’t bidets use water and aren’t we supposed to be trying to save water in Australia?

Toilets and showers are the areas of most water use in normal households. Bidets use less than 1 litre for the average wash, but because you are cleaning with water, much less toilet paper is necessary as this is used mostly just for drying. This definitely helps to save water; because as we all know it’s the toilet paper that takes the most water to flush. With dual flush toilets, this means that little more than a half flush is usually all that is needed – just push the half flush button for slightly longer (about 4 litres of water used compared to 6 – 7 litres for a full flush). Bidets do also help to reduce the need for extra showers.

Are bidets environmentally friendly?FAQ About Bidets sidebar graphics 08

Un-questionably, yes! Bidets help to save not only water but many other non-renewable resources. It takes huge amounts of water, chemicals and energy to convert wood into paper, and even though toilet paper is designed to dissolve in water, the chemicals in it (including carcinogenic dioxins) and the extra solid waste it creates are some of the factors hindering the economic recycling of sewage water. Being “Energy Efficient” is all about reducing our use of energy produced from non-renewable resources such as coal. It is something we all should think about; if for no other reason than simply to save money!

Will a bidet help me save money on toilet paper?

Yes! Some of our customers have recorded savings of up to $200 in one year! Bidet Testimonials


Won’t it be unpleasant washing with cold water in winter?

This is usually one of the most important concerns to people that are unfamiliar with bidets. Because the anal and genital areas of our bodies are so well supplied with blood, they are among the least affected by cold water. Unlike our extremities (hands and feet), temperature recovery of these areas in a healthy person is almost instantaneous. Cold water actually has a toning and strengthening effect on the muscles and tissues of these rather important parts of our body, and also doesn’t help to promote the growth of bacteria. It all depends on what is really meant by COLD; if incoming water temperature is much below 20 degrees C (typical in southern parts of Australia during winter) then warm water washing will certainly be much more pleasant.

The toilet paper falls to pieces when it gets wet!

You may have to change the brand of paper you usually buy – some are much better for drying than others. We have found the ‘Cottonelle’ brand by Kleenex to perform reasonably well in this respect, but we are waiting for one of the toilet paper manufacturers to eventually “see the light” and start producing a specialised ‘Bidet Paper’ just for drying; like paper towel only standard toilet roll size – and easily biodegradable of course.

Touching myself down there where it’s dirty ‘is disgusting!’ Aussie toilet cultureFAQ About Bidets sidebar graphics 06

“Get over it!” say health care professionals, who endorse bidets because they clean better than toilet paper; help prevent vaginitis, urinary tract infections and numerous other ailments. Although using a bidet may require touching your own anus or genitalia with your hand, overall it is a far more hygienic process than just using toilet paper alone.

Many people with Bidets do actually wipe briefly first with toilet paper, and then wash using the bidet. Routine personal hygiene remains exactly the same; “always wash your hands with soap and water after going to the toilet”.

Overall then, washing is more hygienic than wiping?

Definitely. Health professionals tell us that irrigating an area with water to physically REMOVE germs is preferable to KILLING them with a disinfectant. Doctors WASH their hands; scubbing with soap and water – before any surgical procedure for this very reason.

The common practice of wiping with paper will remove most fecal matter present; but this does not eliminate germs, parasite eggs and other dangerous fecal-oral pathogens, but can actually assist in spreading them around the perennial area.

Can I wash using soap?

Absolutely! Although many people don’t bother, there is no question that soap improves cleansing and can also make the whole process more comfortable. The germ killing properties of products like Palmolive’s anti-bacterial liquid soap may also help to reduce the psychological inhibition many people feel about touching themselves “down there”. If you do prefer using soap, always be sure to rinse well. Doctors do not recommend using any soap for vaginal cleaning in women for fairly obvious reasons. We sell wall-mounted liquid Soap Dispensers that are ideally suited for use in bidets applications.

Are bidets safe for children?FAQ About Bidets sidebar graphics 03

Yes, with proper education. Babies normally have there bottoms washed, powdered and otherwise pampered, but as they grow more self reliant are usually encouraged to revert back to the archaic method of simply wiping with dry paper. Parents are solely responsible if they fail to teach their children the best methods available for keeping themselves hygienically clean. We have recently introduced a new bidet; the Bemis ‘Next Step’ USABidet complete seat kit – specifically with children in mind.

Isn’t it possible that the hand-held bidet could be dirty from the last person using it?

If used correctly the bidet should remain clean; as it is not necessary for it to be placed any closer than 5 centimeters to the parts of your body being washed, and always from above.

It is never used for directing water up or from inside the toilet bowl! This is the sole domain of Under-Seat Bidets, Non-electric or Electronic Bidets which are of particular use to people with a restricted range of body movement, or other problems that make traditional Hand-held Bidet cleaning methods difficult. To fully understand the safety aspects of using hand-held bidets, please read the information about Backflow.

Do you sell warm water hand-held bidets?

Several instantaneous electric water heaters suitable for using with bidets are available from overseas. After many requests for a warm water option; we have now completed bidet testing with a heater of European manufacture that has already been selling in Australia for about 9 years (used in caravans etc). We now offer this heater for sale in kit form (with a wall mount and plumbing fittings) suited for use with all our hand-held bidet kits, or the USABidet under-seat models. Best of all; it can normally be plugged just straight into a conventional power outlet. Rezi Water Heater

Not an essential, but certainly a very nice option on cold winter mornings

Do the hand held bidets come in different colours?

We currently stock white, chrome, and our newest addition – a top quality all stainless steel model. Please phone or email if you require more details.

What if I have hard water or bore water; can I still use a bidet

Yes, however life of the bidet may be reduced due to mineral deposits from the water. It is not recommended to use heaters in conjunction with a “hard” water source.

I am in a rented house; can I still install a bidet?

You may need to obtain your landlord’s permission. When you have to move house, removal of the bidet simply means replacing the original water supply pipe, then releasing the 3M adhesive strips which hold the wash gun holder to the wall, or for under-seat or non-electric bidets; replacing the original toilet seat.

How long do your bidets take to install?

Average installation time is around 20 minutes for most of our kits , and the only tools usually required are a spanner and multi grip pliers. Please read the complete installation instructions on the Installation FAQ page (also supplied with every kit).

How long does it take to process my order?

Your order will usually be mailed to you within 48 hours when you pay by credit card via our online shopping cart. Orders with payment via personal cheque, direct deposit or money order will be processed as soon as the funds are cleared by our bank. Please read our Delivery Policy for more details.

Is it secure to enter my credit card details via your online shopping cart?

Yes, very secure. Our shopping cart transactions are processed using the latest 256 bit encryption technology, through PayPal Australia. PayPal processes your credit card details, we receive the order, and the funds are then transferred to our PayPal account. We guarantee that your credit card details are never seen or kept by us – on electronic file or anywhere else! Please read our Privacy Policy for additional details.

FAQ by our customers about bidets (general)

If you have a question relating to installation; please see the ‘Installation FAQ’ page.

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#1 To satisfy my idle curiosity; what is the correct way to use a bum-gun?
#2 I bought one of your “Hang” hand-held bidets, and we are very happy with it. However sometimes I feel the need of a stronger or more focussed spray. We are mostly on tank water but the cleaning force is sometimes not enough with the pump presssure as high as we can get. Do you have a solution for this?
#3 I bought a couple of Hang Wash Gun W units off you a while back. Model:SS-03W. I need to replace the guns – only one has stuffed up. Can I buy just the guns (without the hose)?
#4 Do you know of anyone that can service Electronic Bidets? I am a Plumber in Beenleigh, one of my customers has one and it started to leak out of the control box yesterday. I undid the screws and opened up the casing and saw no obvious problems so closed it back up. I would think it was leaking on what looks to be a pump, or where the water is in the small warming tank. Not sure of a brand.
#5 I am wondering if you guys at Lusan Bidets are able to sell Biffy Bidets or what your policy is on ordering them in. I am having great difficulty ordering from the Biffy website and the Sanicare-Bidets charge about $200 for shipping to Brisbane.
#6 Can you tell me which hand spray unit would be more suitable if I have a rented home. The Hang brand or Hoy? I realize that the Hoy has a softer spray but is the Hang a lot lighter? I’m planning on installing this in my children’s toilet.
#7 I want to install 2 handheld Hoy models, and was hoping to do it one at a time as posting to Tasmania is expensive. As I understand it; if I buy the 2 at the same time, the postage cost goes right down to $0. Am I reading this correctly? It was the only thing I found a little confusing.
#8 My 86 year old Dad just fell and broke both his arms. I am looking at your bidet’s and wonder how you operate them? Is there a valve that you turn or button you push to activate? Will it be possible for him to utilize these units? Do you recommend another type or brand?
#9 I am looking to purchase two hand-held bidets for my two toilets. With me wanting to buy two units and having friends who are waiting to see it fitted in my home before buying, is there any discount you could offer on your price at all?
#10 I have a separate tap for connection of bidet appliances, what hand held kit do you recommend?