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There’s no other way to say it really  –  –  –  
Toilet paper alone just doesn’t ‘cut it’ in a modern Australia!

Excellent for soaking up liquid waste, paper performs poorly in cleaning semi-solids and tends to be abrasive. Water is a far superior medium for this application and is readily available (albeit not for bottom washing) in most modern toilet facilities.

Think about it; if you stepped on a dog-poo with bare feet, you wouldn’t just WIPE the poo from between your toes with dry paper would you?

So what are the other benefits of washing?

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You feel so comfortable afterwards!

Who among us has not experienced at one time or other the nagging itch from an inadequately cleaned bottom? Never again when you use a bidet!

Ever had a bout of diarrhea?

If so you will remember the pain caused by frequent wiping of the anus during your many trips to the loo. The acidic & toxic nature of body fluids excreted during this ailment exacerbate the problem and after about the 3rd visit it feels like you are using sandpaper! Particularly painful for young children, even the toughest adults eventually settle for a less-cleaned-bottom in preference to pain, especially when they start to see blood on the toilet paper! By comparison, a bidet gently cleanses the area by flushing away offending body fluids letting you simply pat dry with toilet paper afterwards. No irritation! It doesn’t matter how many trips to the toilet you have to make!

Feminine hygieneBidet Benefits sidebar benefits2

The issue of cleanliness is much more than just a matter of personal comfort with women.  Because women have a shorter urethra than men, they are 14-times more likely to suffer from an ascending UTI. The vast majority of urinary tract infections are caused by E.coli and other intestinal bacteria. Cleaning with toilet paper spreads this bacterium around the perineal area increasing the risk of infection. Thorough cleansing with water greatly reduces this risk of both vaginitis and urinary tract infections in women. Menstrual periods are a monthly source of discomfort to most women of reproductive age, and even normal healthy vaginal secretions can sometimes be offensive. Most doctors agree that regular cleansing with fresh running water is the most effective way for women to maintain a high level of personal hygiene during these times. Hand held bidets are without question the most convenient way of reducing the everyday discomfort many women feel, and perhaps more importantly help to eliminate any offensive odors, particularly during the summer months. Hand held bidets are invaluable to women during the post-partum (after birth) recovery period. They can also make sexual intercourse much more enjoyable by providing a convenient means of cleaning naturally – before or afterwards.

HemorrhoidsBidet Benefits sidebar benefits3

Distended blood vessels around the anal opening, hemorrhoids are a daily source of discomfort to millions of Australians. Something like small bunches of grapes; they itch and bleed making cleaning of the rectal area difficult and painful. Keeping hemorrhoids clean without abrasive wiping, is important to effectively reduce the bleeding, pain and itching associated with this condition. Physicians recommend bidets as the most effective way to achieve thorough cleansing and relieve the discomfort of hemorrhoids.

I.B.S. (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

This is a multi-faceted, functional bowel disorder which affects up to 15% of the general population. It is characterized by symptoms which include abdominal pain, loose or more frequent bowel movements, diarrhea and/or constipation. Bidets (in any of their different configurations) can be an absolute ‘God-send’ to people who suffer from this common disorder. Frequent trips to the toilet become much less onerous when water is easily available for cleaning afterwards.


Children are notoriously defective at practicing good hygiene. Simple instruction in the use of a bidet can do much to eliminate the fecal contamination that often occurs in homes with young children. Threadworms can infest even the cleanest of households with school-age children. These annoying little parasites reproduce by laying microscopic eggs at the anal opening during the night. This results in intense itching and the child then scratches, spreading the eggs. Washing the anal area removes these eggs, helping to break the worm’s reproductive cycle.

Elderly and handicapped careBidet Benefits sidebar benefits4

Maintaining personal hygiene can be very difficult for arthritic or handicapped people who have restricted ranges of body movement. Under-seat, Non-electric or Electronic bidets are a simple toilet accessory which can help to prolong the personal dignity and independence of such people, by providing an efficient cleaning method which they can operate without assistance. Even in middle age, obesity and the problems associated with this condition can sometimes make traditional after-toileting sanitation methods impossible.

Better cleaning than in the shower

Effective cleaning with a bidet can be achieved even easier than in the shower, simply because when you are seated your bottom parts are already in the ideal cleaning position! Anyone serious about personal cleanliness cannot ignore the significant benefits offered by bidets. Why would anybody who knows about new bathroom technology want to continue with the out-dated and uncomfortable alternative of just wiping with dry paper?