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Installation FAQ sm installationYou don’t have to be a plumber to install our kits!

Our products are designed with easy ‘handy-person’ installation foremost in mind. All Bidet kits come with easy step-by-step printed instructions, including clear explanatory photos. The tools pictured below are usually the only ones you’ll need. You can access the relevant installation instructions below (PDF) – if you need to check how these kits are intended to be installed prior to purchase. A printed copy is supplied with every complete kit (or kits) purchased from LuSan Bidets, and we strongly urge persons installing our kits to read and follow these instructions very carefully when installing and using any of our products.

While any reasonably competent person will normally have no problems; please be aware that the person installing these products is responsible for any property damage that may occur as a result of careless, improper or incompetent installation. Insurance will also not normally cover flood damage that has been caused by any plumbing fitting installed by other than a licensed plumber.

Please refer to the page on Backflow Prevention for more info about installation generally.

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Installation FAQ pdf

Hand-held Bidet Installation

Installation Procedures & Tips for use for all Handheld Bidets

Installation FAQ pdf

Toto TCW01 Non-Electric Bidet Installation

Installation Procedures & Tips for use for Toto TCW01 Non-Electric Bidets

Installation FAQ pdf

Toto TCW07 Non-Electric Bidet Installation

Installation Procedures & Tips for use for Toto TCW07 Non-Electric Bidets

Installation FAQ pdf

Aisin Non-Electric Bidet Installation

Installation Procedures & Tips for use for Aisin Non-Electric Bidets

Installation FAQ pdf

Under-seat Bidet Installation

Installation Procedures & Tips for use for USABidet Underseat Bidets

Installation FAQ pdf

Rezi Water Heater Installation

Installation Procedures & Tips for use for Rezi Water Heaters

Installation FAQ pdf

Electronic Bidet Installation

Installation Procedures & Tips for use for Aisin Electronic Bidets

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If you specifically need a different length flexible supply line with your kit (different from the 450mm one normally supplied standard) just select the required length from the options available under the individual component: “Flexible Supply Line, Model: H-15a,b,c,d,e“- after first adding any one of our complete kits to your shopping cart.

If you do run into problems installing your new bidet kit; please don’t panic – besides selling these things, we are ultimately interested in our customers having a product that works as it is supposed to. If you phone or email us with details of your particular installation issue; we are usually able to supply alternative components, or suggest a different connection to solve the problem. If you have one of the rare toilet suites where installation is impossible; once again, don’t panic – just return the kit within 30 days, and as long as it is unused and undamaged; we will issue you a full refund of the purchase price (less shipping cost).

FAQ about installation by our customers:

If you have a question relating to bidets generally (and not about installation); please see the ‘FAQ about bidets’ page.

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1. I read the page on ‘Backflow’, but I don’t understand about the ‘reduced pressure zone device’ and ‘check-valve’ to prevent backflow? Also, why can’t I use a licenced plumber to install the spray bidet?
2. Is it possible to connect a non-electric bidet to a source of water similar to that which is used in basins (for example) where cold and hot water are mixed for optimal temperature? In this way the pre-mixed water could be delivered to the bidet… ?
3. My Sister has asked me to fit her Hang Bidet Kit that she recently purchased. I have one question re. the pressure limiting valve; does this have to be mounted in the vertical position (as in the diagram) or can it be mounted horizontally?
4. I’m from WA, will the hand-held bidet kit fit into any cistern inlet?
6. Can your hand held spray be attached to the mixer tap on a conventional bidet?
7. If I want warm water with a hand-held bidet; do I need to install an Electric water heater for every toilet?
8. I want to install 4 hand-held bidets in a new home currently being built. Is it possible to have the bidets connected in a way where warm water is used?
9. I am renting and am considering one of these devices, I assume I would have to turn off the water supply to install this – as this may not be so easy – I live in an apartment block and I assume I would have to turn off all water to everyone?
10. We are looking at using bidets for a project we’re working on, with 3 being connected to existing toilets (Caroma Metro wall hung Invisi II series) and 4 to new toilets (with the same specs). These are all wall-faced toilets – can we connect your bidets into these?
11. Are the handheld bidet kits you sell suitable for use in a wall tile situation where the tile has to be “drilled” in one form or another?
12. During installation I turned the 1/4 turn tap anti-clockwise just a little bit and this fitting started leaking. I took it off and screwed it back on with fresh thread tape but it is still leaking slightly. Do you use any special tape or is my method incorrect? I went around the thread more than 10 times with the tape but there is still slight leakage.
13. Our new wash gun does not work some of the time. When we press first time it’s OK, but when the trigger is released and pressed again it does not function.
14. Because I reside on the 38th level of an apartment block; is it reasonable to assume that my water pressure would be under the required 350kPa?
15. We are building a house in Perth WA and are very interested in the hand held bidette shower. We liked the H–31PL model and would like to purchase three. Our builder has never installed a similar thing before, and their plumber was concerned that this is going to drop the water pressure in the house. Can you give us some information to help the builder install this product safely?
16. Do your products have Watermark approval?
17. What is the WELS rating of your bidets