Bidet User Reviews

Write your bidet review here – and get $20 cash-back or a $30 Promotion Code discount voucher for the effort!

A 2009 Nielsen survey found that the most effective form of advertising was: other peoples recommendations. That’s why we are rewarding customers who record their bidet experiences here – for the future benefit of other potential buyers.

To be eligible for the $20 cash-back reward; you must write your review within 30 days of your purchase. Payment will be to your credit card or PayPal account (if you payed with PayPal), or by direct deposit to a nominated bank account ( if you payed any other way).

You can write a bidet review here within 6 months of your purchase to be eligible for the promotion code discount. The Promotion Code will be valid for a further 6 months after writing the review and will entitle you to a $30.00 discount off the future purchase of any complete kit! Sent to you by email once your review has been approved; this is a one time use only and is a great opportunity to fit out that second toilet in your home with a bidet. You can even give this Promotion Code to a friend – if you don’t need to buy another bidet kit yourself in the near future.

Reviews must be a minimum 100 words, and you  must  have previously purchased & used the appliance you write the review about. (One review only allowed per customer)

First names only will be published in reviews, and don’t worry – we’ll clean up any incorrect grammar or spelling mistakes from your work before publishing ;

So what’s keeping you? In 100 words (or more), write YOUR Bidet Review now!