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Moore Park – Qld

My wife and I have been using our ‘Hang’ hand held bidet for nearly two years now, and could not be more pleased with our purchase. It did take some time to learn to use it properly, not that it is difficult to use, but rather it can be taken as a given that the habits of a lifetime don’t change overnight.

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Once the effective use of the bidet is mastered however, we now wonder why on earth we have tolerated such a painful, expensive, messy and just plain crude method of personal cleansing as the wiping of our delicate parts with such an abrasive, inefficient substance as toilet paper. Even good quality, top shelf toilet paper is at best only 80-90% effective on it’s own, but when used to dry the area after the use of the bidet is extremely efficient. At around 80c per roll our usage has dropped by approximately $4.00 worth per week, a useful saving over the two years of over $400. For personal cleanliness, comfort, convenience and cost effectiveness we would recommend the ‘Hang’ hand held bidet to every citizen of 21st century Australia.


Watson – ACT

Thank you for the speedy delivery and good instructions for installation.
I selected your product because the Website explains thoroughly the use and alternatives for the bidet device.

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During the early stages of learning to use our hand-held bidet, my wife got upset because the toilet seat and floor were constantly wet – due to my inability to aim the device properly. (She was unsure as to whether it was urine or just water left lying around) After a few days of persistence we mastered the art of washing.We now feel we have a greater sense of cleanliness, and it’s much gentler on your private parts than using toilet paper.It is our opinion that this would be of exceptional benefit to those who suffer frequent irritation or long term health problems in that region. Our kids thought we were up to something ‘kinky’ when at first they saw the device attached to the toilet wall, and we believe that some of our visitors also gave us strange looks after visiting the toilet! This highlights cultural barriers that may have to be overcome in selling bidets, however we feel there are health and comfort issues that far outweigh any negative or embarrassing reactions that may come our way. Our only recommendation is that a warm water model would be a nice option.


Caringbah – NSW

Hi….I have received my Bidet and would like to reply by saying I’m very pleased with your product and prompt delivery. The item was immaculately packaged, including all installation instructions and welcoming letter. Good to see an Australian online business with the right attitude and professional service. I will be more than happy to recommend your product to anyone I come across with an interest in the next level of bathroom hygiene. Thumbs up!!!!

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Waterford West – Qld

It wasn’t easy in the beginning to get the ‘hang’ of using the Hang wash gun but I persevered because of the cleanliness I felt afterwards – it’s so amazing. I would totally recommend anyone to try it – you won’t regret buying it!

Perth – Western Australia

Having purchased and received a hang bidet kit, I am more than happy with it. Installation was very straight forward with good instructions and diagrams. Like yourself, my wife is from South-East Asia. She has always complained to me about our ‘yucky’ toilet practices here in Australia which I have always fobbed off. Recently while on a holiday visiting a number of Asian countries, I was finally convinced of the big (& cleaner) benefits of a handheld bidet. Thank you for supplying a good quality product that can be connected to the higher water pressures of Australia.


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I was at first a little sceptical about using a toilet wash gun. However, after having one installed and after using the product, I would have to say I am converted. We are not used to using such products as bidets in this country, and the thought of washing your behind on the toilet is also foreign to us. After having the ‘Hang’ brand toilet wash gun fitted, I also found it is easy to use – for me anyhow. I had no trouble using it. Probably the biggest benefit you get from using this product is how clean you feel afterwards – you really have to try it to believe it. An added benefit is less toilet paper is used. Our home uses a septic system, and it is proven toilet paper is the biggest contributor to clogging up septic systems.

This product does not cost the earth, it works, it is hygienic and benefits the environment by using less paper.


Seven Hills – NSW

We received the hand wash on Monday, thank you for that, I have to comment that we have found the service from your company excellent, and have not experienced any difficulty even with a faulty product, really appreciate your help. We will definitely refer you to our friends. Thankyou


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Moore Park – Qld

As a 78 year old woman I have greatly appreciated the benefits of using the Hang toilet wash gun, which was installed in our home 18 months ago. I have experienced much less irritation to sensitive areas and reduced toilet paper usage.


Waterloo – NSW

In my few years in this country we have never come across a person who better understood customer service and delivered better. Through the entire process of ordering online, delivery & dealing with us a first time customer on phone; I must say we are impressed & will never hesitate to recommend friends to Lusan. Keep up the good work.
Thank you and regards