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About Bidets: general

Bidet – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Go Ask Alice!: Hey, what’s a bidet?

How to Use a Bidet – wikiHow

Aussies say bidet, mate |

Making a splash – National –

The Sneeze – Half zine. Half blog. Half not good with fractions.

The Bidet: Not Just for Hairy European Women Anymore |

The Aviation and Aerospace World’s Daily/Bidets in Planes

Urban Dictionary: bidet


Wet Wipes: What Went Wrong? |

Generally About Toilet Paper


Videos about Bidets (you’ll need a good broadband connection )

Brondell Swash 800 Bidet

Royalet – state of the art technology in your bathroom – Media

Constipation – Hong Kong Izen Bidet – 可通便的廁板

Funny Korean Ad – LooLoo 4


Humorous (and sometimes informative) Bidet User Accounts

Metroactive Features | Bidematic

The Most Bidet For The Buck |

can’t wipe, can’t afford a bidet… |

GoBidet: A Buttsink Of My Own |

GoBidet: I Doo |

Thailand Forum > Bum-gun Appreciation Thread


Some Good Bidet Websites



Australian Royalet


Throne Accessories

Affordable, adjustable, seat attachable bidet

Specialist in modern electronic bidets –
the most comprehensive source of info about electronic bidets available on the net!

Some useful Bidet Accessories

Disposable, flushable, paper toilet seat covers


Qld. agent for Rezi Water Heaters

For new Australians (or wanting to become)

Registered Migration Agent



The best (free) advice you will find anywhere –
for those married to, or considering: a Filipino (or any other Asian) wife


Helpful Publications

HYGISEAT Self-Cleaning Toilet – Seat washed, disinfected and dried after each use.

Global warming wipeout from the charmin’ Sheryl Crow –

The Sydney Morning Herald Blogs: Greenism Faith

The History of Toilets


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