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Fitting a washing facility to your existing toilet – doesn’t need to cost ‘an arm and a leg’ . . .

A toilet-integrated bidet really is the only way to go – so why tolerate old fashioned wash jugs, washing off in the shower or just dry toilet paper any longer? With our great range of easy-to-install complete kits, there really never has been a better time to go up to that next level in bathroom hygiene & comfort.

Bidets (pronounced bid-ays), often get classed as ‘essential convenience’ by travel-savvy Aussies; usually after having experienced for the first time the superior comfort that water cleansing provides – during that last overseas holiday.

Here’s a brief video introduction into electronic models – from one of the web’s foremost authorities on bidet toilet seats: bidetsPLUS

That ‘warm air dry feature’ is over-rated for most people however, simply because it takes too long. A few squares of toilet paper will do this  job more quickly and efficiently – providing you can still reach OK.

Dependant obviously on the bidet type & model; we promise:

Once you’ve enjoyed the comfort & convenience of water – you’ll never go back to archaic dry cleaning – ever again!

If your mind-set remains “the dry-way or the highway” after visiting our store, then by all means – hit the road and suffer on . . . But if you could use a little help in deciding which personal sanitation (water cleaning) solution is best suited to your needs; then hit the Bidet Choice tab at the top of this page. Here you’ll find helpful info about the different categories of toilet integrated bidets, plus some user reviews and separate pages dealing with backflow prevention and installation.


Why buy a bidet from us?

Bidet Store: All stainless hand held bidet spray

We are a well known and trusted Australian business with a high level of specialized expertise; gained from over eight years continuous testing – in the field of water-cleaning attachments for modern flushing toilets. We were the first Australian business to start selling hand-held bidets (bidet sprayers) and our authority and experience in this particular field is second to none. We store these bidets in locations all over Australia and in Perth, WA we use Perth Metro Storage who can have them distributed to your home same day if the order is placed before 11am.

All our products are backed by a 12 month or 2 year warranty. Additionally; you have the assurance that each individual design has been exhaustively tested for an extended period of time here in Australia, before being offered for sale. All hand-held models we sell are tested to destruction, and many of the products we have trialed over the years have failed to deliver to our standards of durability, simplicity and effectiveness. Our Bidets are a must for all new homes

The bidet toilet seats we sell come from Japan, the hand held bidet sprayers are made in Thailand, and the USABidet – yep you guessed it – the USA. Most individual components in our kits are sourced locally.


Don’t put-up-with annoyance & discomfort any longer. Make your life better today – with a bidet!

Regardless of whether you choose the simple versatility of a hand-held bidet sprayer, the elegant sophistication of an electronic toilet seat bidet, or some other toilet-integrated washing solution between these two; our mission is to make your personal journey to this liberating new technology – as easy and economical as possible!

LuSan Bidets® – ultimate convenience & comfort ‘down under’

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